Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ah, the blog...

It seems like such a good idea, but then real life interferes. I've managed to not post for three whole months. My spidy sense tells me that this is not the way to develop a readership and become part of the community. Oh well, I'm a loner in life, why not in blog too.

And, as usual, I'm writing when I should be sleeping. It's only the first week of classes - far to early to get into the hard-core sleep deprivation that seems to be a required part of college life.

So much has changed in my life in those three months. Much of it, I can't talk about. Some is just so messy it doesn't need to see the light of day. Other is not mine to discuss. And some I would like to talk about but can't find words. The last is making me tear up saying that much about it. I'll just state it in my blunt fashion and if words decide to come...

My best friend's mother passed away just a few days ago. She was one of the most awesome ladies I've had the pleasure of knowing.

I can't



  1. hugs coming to you from the middle of the continent...

  2. Don't feel lonely