Sunday, October 4, 2009

The truth about the marmalade

It was so easy to make that I can't for the life of me figure out how to write a whole post about it. Even worse, I don't actually like marmalade (any marmalade), so I can't even rave about how tasty it is to fill space. Even canning is remarkably easy - pour the stuff in jars, plop the lids on, and chuck the whole thing in boiling water for ten minutes. So, for those of you who must know:

Nearly 30 minutes were spent slicing lemons very thin. A thumb was lightly sliced; acid got in; it was highly painful. The lemons were chucked into a cauldron (that word is so much more interesting than "large pot" don't you think?) along with a little water, a lot of sugar, and some honey (go here for the recipe). This was boiled violently (I'm like PW that way) for some time before being put in jars and processed. Yield was 8 pint jars and half of another one.

If anyone other than my sister reads this, I could have a giveaway. She'll probably get a jar anyway. Whether she wants it or not Mhua-ha-ha-h... nevermind

To make this seem more like a whole post, I give you...

The rodeo carrot jockey from Cake Wreck's cupcake replica contest.

We now return to our regularly scheduled lives. Perhaps having gotten this off my chest I'll be able to post something else soonish.